Consider for a moment how much your business relies on data. Have you thought about how prepared and resilient your business would be if critical data lost, either due to a security breach, a natural disaster, or human error? Today, all organizations are at increased risk of a business interruption or losing the data they need to operate and thrive. That’s why it’s critical to have a secure, effective, reliable data backup and recovery strategy in place to ensure business continuity. has partnered with Amazon Web Services (AWS) to provide healthcare, commercial, and public sector organizations the assurance and protection they need to operate confidently in today’s uncertain times. Our backup and recovery solution is informed by the “3-2-1 rule,” which is recommended for all organizations by The Homeland Security Department’s U.S. Computer Emergency Readiness Team:

3 – Keep 3 copies of any important file: 1 primary and 2 backups.
2 – Keep the files on 2 different media types to protect against different types of hazards.
1 – Store 1 copy offsite.

To this proven formula, we also add an “A” — 3-2-1-A — which stands for archiving data. Put simply, a single backup for your data is not enough to protect you in the event of a business interruption or disaster. Whatever your backup strategy, it should include reliance upon a cloud backup solution — and none is more reliable and economical than ’s 3-2-1-A – AWS Cloud Computing and Backup Solution. With this solution, your servers are hosted in the AWS cloud, called EC2 (Elastic Cloud Computing). This offers many benefits:

  • Customers pay only for what they use and no more. Server capacity expands and retracts to adjust to your business’ needs in near-real time.
  • Automated monitoring, notifications, and optimization reduces cost, prevents data loss, and improves performance.
  • A simple, easy-to-use web service interface hands organizations complete control of their computing resources.
  • Built on the latest compute, storage, and networking technologies and engineered for high performance, availability, and security.
  • Data backup that is centralized, automated, cost-effective, fully managed, and adheres to your organization’s policies to ensure regulatory compliance and governance (e.g. HIPAA).

No business plans on having interruptions or losing its data, but everyone should have a plan in place if an interruption or disaster does occur.
Contact Shared IT to find out more about how Shared IT’s 3-2-1-A — AWS Cloud Computing and Backup Solution can support your data backup and recovery strategy to ensure business continuity.